Boys and Their Poles

As a photographer, my kids get their fair share of model calls. They are often met with groans of protest and ultimately bribery. This day was no different. Now mind you, this is an old road for them. When I pull out my camera, it is met with "do we have to?"

Never mind they get to go to some pretty amazing places and experience some pretty cool things.


Doesn't seem to matter to them.   

However, yesterday we both had something the other wanted; they wanted to go fishing and I wanted to take pictures. Perfect. Not so much. Getting them to cooperate is getting increasingly harder and never mind the fact that they were facing the river which made maneuvering around them a bit difficult.

It was however, despite the groans and protest a pretty amazing evening. I got to do something I haven't done yet (photograph fishing) and the boys got to enjoy a couple hours on the river. I learned about lures and what to use to up your chances of catching something. I learned that the rocks at the bottom makes for a LOT of false hope that you have caught something and I learned that my youngest exhibits yet another not so stellar trait from me; lack of patience. 

But mostly we had fun. It was a beautiful sunset and we really enjoyed one last kick back to summer nights. From wading in the water, learning to cast and watching the sun fade below the horizon, I'd say we all got a little bit of what we wanted! 

See below for more from our fishing session! 

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