Why NMP images gets up at 4:30am

It's the weekend, a time for staying up late and sleeping in. A time for shoving four days of fun into two days. A time to explore and find something new, or at the very least, find something new in something old. It wasn't our first trip up to Bell Canyon, but it was easily our favorite. We had a grand plan to wake up early, wake the kids up, and head out. Easy right? Wrong! We got up a little later than planned, getting the boys up and ready was a nightmare AND I (Miranda) was freaking out we were going to miss all the best light. The boys were cranky and I think we all just wanted to go back to bed. BUT, driving through Draper, we didn't see another car. It was calm. It was quiet. It was peaceful. As the light started to hit the horizon, it was beautiful. As we started up the trail, it was dark. When you looked down the hill you could see the whole valley was lit up. It was a sight to behold.

Overlooking Draper and Sandy taken with iPhone

Overlooking Draper and Sandy taken with iPhone

As we continued up the trail, we scrambled over steep rocky inclines in what I thought was record time. It took us 24 minutes from trail head to summit (our previous times were almost double that). We were desperate to beat the sun! The boys were troopers, and scampered up the mountainside like they were made for it. It was chilly, you would never know that it would get to be 80 degrees that day. We were bundled in pants, coats, and gloves (at least for the person who thought to bring gloves). The arduous trek was most definitely worth it. Not a soul in sight. Wildflowers beginning to bloom. The early morning light people get up early for. It was a dream. Nate quickly staked out his spot and what a spot it was. The boys and I settled in down by the bank but Nate climbed higher and what a view he had!

Once we settled into our spots, it became a waiting game. Waiting for that moment. Waiting for the sun to crest right over the mountains. It was chilly. The boys were getting antsy and hungry, but we waited. Colton fell asleep on the trail side and missed the early morning fishermen coming down the trail and he scared the daylights out of some trail runners (they thought he was an animal hunkered down for a morning nap). And just like that, it happened. All the waiting became worth it. The mountains lit up with the rising sun. The valley below was on fire. It was the moment we woke up at 4:30am for. It was the reason we practically ran up a mountain. Its as our first sunrise capture in the mountains. 

As the sun crested over the mountains and reflected off the water, two things became incredibly clear; I had started out the morning dreaming of the day when the boys would be old enough to sleep in and stay at home as Nate and I went on our early morning ventures and I ended the morning incredibly grateful that they aren't. They were tired and cold and hungry, but they were in awe of the beauty in front of them. We all were.